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Warehousing Of Logistic Cargo

In logistic context, Warehousing is simply the storage of goods within a facility for a substantial duration of time.


What Meng & Lam Does For You?

To cater to our customers’ ever expanding businesses’ need for storage space, ranging from temporary to an extended period, Meng & Lam has provided on top of mainstream freight services, a goods storage solution package which includes:



  • convenient arrangement with the customer for goods pick up or self delivery to our designated warehouse
  • flexible selection of storage duration and warehouse type
  • Subsequent timely delivery or hassle free self collection available upon completion of storage tenure.



How Meng & Lam Does It better?

Even though Warehousing is but an auxiliary service that frequency and term of use are not high, Meng and Lam nevertheless integrates value-added programs so our customers may benefit from the edge created, which include:



  • continuous training of our workers in handling of goods, resulting in lower risk of damage to goods and injury to our workers
  • incorporate practical approach towards storage in all our workers to promote correct andorgansized placement of goods, resulting in further reduction of risk of damage to goods andimproved space efficiency
  • educate better storage space and handling utlization techniques when performing stuffing. As a result, savings are increased from increased decreased space usage and manpower cost reduction, which are passed on to our customers.