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Supplier Sourcing

Sourcing for Overseas Supplier With Customer

Supplier sourcings is a special service provided by Meng and Lam. Essentially, it is the assistance in locating suppliers and facilitating procurement, within the country of choice to acquire products suitable for customers’ businesses.


What Meng and Lam Does For You?

Understanding that Sourcing for new products for the business is usually daunting and difficult, Meng & Lam has developed a team of experts in several countries with the right communication skills and networks of reliable suppliers to provide:



  • suitable arrangement for accommodation and transport for customers to facilitate the visiting of the suppliers in the country of choice
  • professional translation, both verbal and written, to assist in the proper understanding of business transaction
  • provision of general quality check utilizing sampling method upon customer request.



How Meng and Lam Does It Better?

In all aspects of our services, including Sourcing, Meng and Lam constantly strives to introduce value-

added programs which include:



  • Constant particular updates of all existing suppliers within Meng and Lam network
  • Consistent and diligent search for new suppliers to include in the network for our customers
  • Implementing and maintaining a real time communications system with all overseas representatives of Meng & Lam to relay critical up-to-date information to our customers accurately
  • Utilizing only administrative staff with fluency and in-depth understanding of the predominant language of communication for each country to ensure error free correspondence with all overseas suppliers