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Sea Cargo (International)

Sea Freight Logistic Service

The term Sea Cargo stands for freighting service of goods via sea and is commonly used interchangeably with the term Ocean Freight. The service usually takes a moderate amount of time, but is generally the most economical form of international freight.


What Meng & Lam Does For You?

With a long history, as well as ample experience in providing freight via Sea Cargo, our customers will be receiving services as follow:


  • timely and practical arrangement for overseas supplies of customers to be deposited with us
  • provision of economical and secure temporary storage while consolidation process is on going
  • subsequent expedient loading of goods upon completion of consolidation process (Refer to Stuffing)
  • detailed preparation of packing lists and invoices for the purpose of license applications in Singapore
  • Swift clearance from PSA and subsequent transportation of the container to our warehouse (For consolidated freight) or at a location designated by our customer (For full load container belonging to a single customer or Loose cargo)


How Meng & Lam Does It Better?

Striving to better ourselves and provide a truly world class standard of Sea Cargo service, we went the extra mile to provide the following value-added services:


  • implementing and maintaining a real time communications system with all overseas representatives of Meng & Lam to relay critical up-to-date information to our customers accurately
  • Utilizing only administrative staff with fluency and in-depth understanding of the predominant language of communication for each country to ensure error free correspondence with all overseas representatives of Meng & Lam
  • maintaining a system of independent cross checks on all permit applications process to ensure timely approval of the respective permits resulting in streamlined logistic process