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Permit Application

Logistic Permit Application

For certain goods to be imported or exported from any country by your freight forwarder, relevant logistic permits are required for the success of such logistic action.


How Meng and Lam Does It?

Without professional knowledge of permit requirement, Permit Application can be a daunting process which essential forms are usually not filled. However, at Meng and Lam, customers are just required to provide the necessary documents and Cargo Clearance involving the following steps can be accomplished:



  • proper application for the relevant clearance permit.
  • handling of GST on behalf of customers to facilitate swift release from the Custom of Singapore
  • facilitating duplicates of all relevant permits and receipts for GST registered companies to file for input tax.



How Meng and Lam Does It Better?

As Cargo Clearance is the most critical stage of importing goods into Singapore, it is a process which

most customers are worried. In order to improve customer confidence and grant them a peace of mind,

value-added programs were implemented which include:



  • maintaining a system of independent cross checks on all clearance and permit applications process to ensure timely approval resulting in streamlined logistic process
  • consistent monitoring of goods transported by Meng and Lam to provide a near real time tracking system for customer, improving the overall efficiency further logistic planning after clearance is completed.