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Mission and Vision

Pictorical Representation of Our Mission And Vision

The growth of a company stems from a journey towards informed goals that result in success. Meng & Lam, being one of the already accomplished leaders in providing affordable, reliable and customized logistic services, knows it better than most. 


That is why all of our policies and processes, no matter how minute or major those details are, are in line with our mission and vision statements. These mission and vision statements in turn, guide our people and their actions, collectively moving the company towards even greater success.



Mission Statement

Meng & Lam provides both individuals and corporations that require logistic services with affordable, reliable and customizable logistic solutions that satisfy each and every unique needs.



Vision Statement

Meng & Lam aims to set and constantly better the standards within international logistic industry for affordable, reliabile and customizable logistic services through network, infrastructure and people development, for the absolute satisfaction all of our customers.