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Land Cargo (International)

Land Freight Logistic Service

As the term Land Cargo suggest, it stands for the both domestic and overseas transport of goods by land based vehicles. Cost and time of such a service is determined by the location of pickup to delivery and is limited by the availability of feasible land routes.


What Meng & Lam Does For You?

Being the basis of which all freight services are built upon, Meng & Lam possesses the essential specialized knowledge and accumulated experiences for either domestic or overseas Land Cargo service which include:



  • timely and convenient arrangement for supplies of the customers to be collected
  • detailed preparation of packing lists and invoices for the purpose of license applications in the designation destination of the goods
  • Swift clearance from the respective airport and rapid land transport to the door of the recipient.



How Meng & Lam Does It Better?

Though Land Cargo falls under the most basic of all freight services, Meng & Lam never fails to understand that the standard of Land Cargo, just like all other services needs to be improved and has done so by incorporating value-added programs which include:



  • periodic preventative maintenance and servicing of the fleet of land based logistic vehicles to reduce risk of delay during Land Cargo transportation process.
  • incorporating land based vehicular related training via case studies as well as periodic refresher on proper vehicle handling skills, resulting in overall risk reduction of accidents occurrence.
  • advanced route planning with active cross-references to prevailing domestic traffic conditions to ensure timely delivery of goods.
  • maintaining a system of independent cross checks on all permit applications process to ensuretimely approval of the respective permits resulting in streamlined logistic process