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Cargo Unstuffing

Unstuffing Of A Filled Container

Unstuffing is a term known and used widely within the logistic community for the unloading of cartons containing goods from a packed container.


What Meng & Lam Does For You?

The provision of an unstuffing service such as us to our customers, past, present and future include:



  • prompt unloading of a packed container upon completion of clearance at our warehouse (For consolidated freight) or at a location designated by our customer (For full load container belonging to a single customer)
  • mindful unstuffing of the entire container
  • systematic consolidation of goods belonging to an individual customer while unstuffing
  • accurate accounting of cartons belonging to each specific customer
  • prompt and complete delivery to our customers right at their doorstep



How Meng & Lam Does It Better?

In a pursuit to ever improving quality of our services to our customers, additional effort have been taken to provide a truly satisfying experience which are as follow:



  • continuous training of our workers in handling of goods, resulting in lower risk of damage to goods and injury to our workers
  • integrate practical approach towards unstuffing in all our workers to promote correct and systematic consolidation of goods for each specific customer, resulting in further reduction of risk of damage to goods and improved delivery time
  • implementing and emphasizing on goods accounting process to reduce risk of delay or inaccuracy in quantity of delivered goods, granting our customers a peace of mind and reduce any unnecessary vexation while using our services