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Cargo Stuffing

Stuffing Of Cargo Into Container

Stuffing is a term known and used extensively within the logistic industry for the packing of cartons ofgoods into a container.


What Meng & Lam does for you?

Our duties as a stuffing service provider to our customers, past, present and future are as follows:



  • collection and consolidation of goods from a single customer onwards
  • precision checking and verification of the goods through cross referencing to existing packing lists
  • forward planning of goods placement within the container
  • careful packing of goods into the container



How Meng & Lam Does It Better?

We always strive to value-add to our stuffing service so as to benefit our customers, which include the following:



  • continuous training of our workers in handling of goods, resulting in lower risk of damage to goods and injury to our workers
  • integrate practical approach towards stuffing in all our workers to promote correct and organsized placement of goods, resulting in further reduction of risk of damage to goods and improved delivery time
  • educate better container space and handling utlization techniques when performing stuffing. As a result, savings are increased from increased container capacity and manpower cost reduction, which are passed on to our customers.