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Meng & Lam Slogan


Founded in 2002, Meng and Lam has grown to become a renowned leader in providing economical and reliable logistic services, domestically and overseas. We have set ourself apart from our competitors by providing customizable logistic solutions that tailor to unique needs of each and every of our client.


To further redefined a complicated and daunting logistic aspect of all businesses, Meng & Lam has undertaken an unique approach; a no-frills and transparent operating model based on building relationships, despite then industry norms of just making money. That is why many of our clients, SMEs and big corporations alike, have consider us as their only logistic service provider.


Till date, we have served over 400 clients worldwide with clients using our logistic services since Meng & Lam's founding. They know that when it comes to partnering with us for their logistical needs, they just need to keep their businesses growing and we'll keep their logistics going.